Alcohol inks – Projects, resources and instructions

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Resources and instructions for painting with alcohol inks

You might enjoy these fabulous examples and tutorials from experienced alcohol ink artists. We do hope you´ll come back often as we crete more nad offer more tutorials and examples. Have you seen our post on using snow cap in conjunction w alcohol inks?

Loose very free approach to alcohol painting.

More structured approach, and detailed end result.

Get the best prices on YUPO paper at for alcohol ink painting or try other surfaces, for varied results and intensity.  The two alcohol ink paintings below were painted on laser copy card stock.  They are a coated stock so they do resist the inks somewhat, but do not provide as much fluidity, as the synthetic YUPO paper, or other non porous surfaces. AI is ideally suited for surfaces such as gloss stock, glass, tile, acetate, porcelain,  acrylics and plastic.

day 4 WINNS WELLNESS camapgin. @af;ower a day til youre home to stay. Alcohol ink art by Holly Willnerdark daisy aka Dark Daysey - never give up

These two were done on tiles purchased at the hardware supply store. The upper was alcohol ink background with overlaid feather stencil filled in with sharpie. The lower was simply freehanded, with masking between the sky and sea. Both were blown blended with straws, but no blending solution.  Should you wish a more controlled flow, or details, use (old) brushes or qtips.  If you want a more fluid feel with less blotchiness, add alcohol or blending solution to the surface or the inks prior to placement. The great things about alcohol inks on tile or truly non porous surfaces is , if you make a mistake you can simply wipe clean with alcohol and start over.  That said, keep in mind that direct application from the bottles, leads to a loose, flowing and creeping affect which can be very uncontrollable, yet creates rich, wild results.  Take care not to over do additional alcohol or colors. Each drop will part, blend and even erase those already applied.




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While Rangers’s Adirondack inks seem to be the favorite in alcohol inks, you may wish to try other brands to vary colors and more.  Here’s a great online only deal on Pinata inks, a little pricier than Rangers, but individually packaged as well.