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Winn Wellness Series

Day 5, 6 of a flower a day

26 Apr , 2016,
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Winn Wellness Series

Day 5 contribution to my brother Bruce… committed to #paintingandprayer sending a flower a a day (#afloweraday) til he’s home to stay! ¬†Thanks for your support. see more on our initial post and previous¬†“days”. ¬† Please see our shop for a cause ¬†page for purchase and donation options, as well as required legal disclosures.

2×9″ on Yupo paper. HWillner “Pams Perfect Garden”. In dedication to my dear sister in law, ¬†who’s tirelessly cared for my brother through the¬†many years, hundreds of Drs appts, dozens of hospital stays, home¬†care and beyond.

orig (N/A) digital copies, and complementing  triptychs available.  pls inquire or visit our shop for a cause page.  Where you will find a variety of ways to apply the digital art form mugs to mouse pads, totes to t-shirts or simply on canvas All digital art is sent promptly via email, w/o watermark, personal usage rights only.  *Also see Canvas on Demand (official affiliate ad) on side column.  

Thanks for your support. Donations, purchases and any affiliate earnings help with the wellness fight and family flights, as well as continued art therapy.


Day 6¬†– “Wild Roses” 2×9″ alcohol ink. ¬†Ask about matching triptychs. orig and hi res digital copies available. ¬†HWillner 2016

Day 6 Wild Roses alcohol inks 2x9 HWillner 2016

day 4 WINNS WELLNESS camapgin. @af;ower a day til youre home to stay. Alcohol ink art by Holly Willner

Belief is imagination set free in the winds

23 Apr , 2016,
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My Day 4 submission for Winns Wellness mission ‚Ä™#‚Äéafloweraday‚Ĩ for my brother Bruce. I cant decide if these are exotic irises, orchids or daffodils… maybe I need not decide.. that is after all the beauty of art, of impressionistic style painting. ¬†It need not be perfect, we must use our imagination¬†to see what we want to and¬†need to see.

“It is the power of imagination that gets us where we want to be, whether it be a better state of being, sheer escape or a success goal, we cannot get there without belief, and imagination is belief set free in the winds!” HWW

Thanks for visiting our new site, www.petalsandprisms.com. 

See earlier posts to learn more, and see all images in this series.  Day 1 -4 images are now available for purchase you will find resources on our shop for a cause page. You may wish to apply them to canvas, gift, decor and soft goods, from mugs to mouse pads, totes to t-shirts. Originals are not available at this time, but some will be shortly.   Thanks for your prayers and support for the family on both continents. Enjoy! ‪#‎paintingandprayer‬ ‪#‎wellnesswishes‬

Day1 "Wellness Whimsy". a flower a day until the cancer goes away.

A Flower a Day – Life Saving Mission

20 Apr , 2016,
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“Day One Wellness Whimsy” for Bruce Day1 "Wellness Whimsy". a flower a day until the cancer goes away.

I’M ON A MISSION and you can help.
My brother has been fighting for many months, and now again with all his might, to overcome the many issues left behind from being over-radiated in his cancer treatment.  He has been in the hospital as many months on as and off in the last year and half na endured more than one person should bear, but hes miraculously As I write this its been 2 more weeks now in cedar Sinai, and 3 more unexpected surgeries, with mixed results, and complications. He is not out of the woods yet.
Being a half a world away, I feel terrible that I cannot help the family more more and to hold his sweet hand. I will paint flowers and send them digitally to my brother every day until he gets out of the hospital. Its pittance, I know, but I hope several things may come of it >

1. The bright colors will make him smile, albeit it briefly, between lucidity and sedation.
2. I dedicate them to him, which will tell him I am thinking about him and praying for him everyday.
3. it will make him proud of me, and he will see our dear, creative father’s hand in my works as well.
4. These little paintings, handcrafts, gifts and poems I’m creating may be the means for me to earn a ticket back to see him and the rest of my family, soon… and with the grace of God, maybe more.
If you see one you like the or want one of my items, as I post, please let me know ASAP, and consider a donation in kind.
I will turn these works and more into prints and pendants, and other wares, and will soon post them on a new ETSY shop, and probably Smug Mug, for the world to enjoy as well.
Thank you for your visit, and for your kindness to support a budding artist -also a¬†melanoma¬†survivor –¬†and a recovering hero, my big brother.

Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul. – Luther Burbank


Day¬†2 ¬†newly named “Untamed¬†Sweetness

blue pinks purples¬†in Alcohol ink¬†painting¬†6×9 on Yupo paper. HWillner

1st 3 images are now for sale as personal use digitals on our shop for a cause page, you’ll find resources to enjoy them on mugs, mousepads, canvas prints¬†to glossies, t-shirts to totes! again thank you for your support.

alcohol ink "untamed sweetness" by Holly Willner. Pleas inquire for hi res digital art or originals for sale to fund the Winn family