Recycled plastic projects to be amazed by!

The Useful Second Life of a Coke Bottle.

In the frustrating creative constraints of our extended international stay, coupled with budget and space considerations, I was forced into being a bit more creative and resourceful than my usual trek to Michael´s.   I am generally against plastic water bottles and am increasingly conscious of recycling, reusing, and eco friendly measures to take care of our dear planet, but this was truly a creative and moral challenge.

We needed bottled water to avoid the foreign germies, but as I watched the water and soda bottles pile up, a real sense of guilt came over me, followed by a lightbulb moment of..¨Hey.. these can again be useful containers!¨ … and more.  Though it is inevitable in the center of this massive city,  most bottles would be scavenged for the few pennies they´d bring the fisher.. and that alone could appease my garbage guilt … but they were calling to me in a very different way.  So this was not to be D-day for the bottle(s).  It is a valuable vessel, an organizer so we need not spend more on supplying our temporary home, but more importantly for me…  the bottle was a paintable surface, a blank canvas, a creative challenge, (as reminded my eye-rolling honey) but it was most certainly not, trash!

Little did he know it was to be a small part of his birthday gift. when he saw the dabbled plastic as he entered his bathroom, he believed it was some sort of stone finish..on closer inspection he was amazed at how I´d transformed his lowly “piece of trash”.


Simple instructions:

  • first pinch and cut or poke a large bottle, above your desired height, straight across, note that its easier to cut form the bottom, on the inside curve, take care with any uneven, sharp edges
  • choose 3 or 4 colors to marbleize, paint only partially, swooshing loosely, leaving bare areas for colors 2 and 3 to show through, dry before adding each layer.
  • add final coat (of gray, or other darker color) and seal inside, to protect from wear.
  • adorn as desired, I used another band of blue plastic ..and a few beads I had lucked into.  the extras make it less like a coke bottle, but I took care not to make i too fussy for my macho man.
  • topped the rim with metallic paint pne or other durable paint.

Makes a great pencil holder, brush / comb holder, utensil canister, etc. Have fun! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, results with us and the crafty world. PnP

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