DIY UPcycle Surprises!

upcycle earrings made of a to-go box

upcycle earrings made from a to-go box, alcohol inks on plastic, backed with the shiny aluminum from the bottom of the box.  Wire wrap swirlies on this pair happen to be of pure Peruvian silver, but could easily be made from aluminum wire coiled on the top part of a golf tee, or a pencil head.

DIY Upcycle surprises are some of our favorite things!

It really not an old soda bottle, its a vase, a candle holder, a dish drainer, a flower garden in waiting, a bird feeder and more.

It may resemble an egg carton, but it holds far more promise as a printable surface, a paper mache starter kit, a pair of egg carton earrings and or a jewelry organizer.

When your heart has always said take care of our dear Mother Earth, or you’ve had to live frugally or abroad .. getting creative with re-cycling and re-use is bound to happen.

These are just a few of our Earth-friendly, art projects. Hope you will stay tuned for our DIY upcycle and recycle projects and how tos as we round out the new site.

DIY upcycle soda bottle beta fish

DIY upcycle beta fish from recycled soda bottle. Alcohol Inks used

This adorable DIY upcycle soda bottle beta fish was painted with alcohol inks, using the straw technique to achieve the long stringy flows of fins. Orange, yellows and brown inks meshed and created darker tones.

Eventually, like Dorie and Nemo,  this little fishie finds his way to an ideal home, overlaid on an acetone and paper combo, alcohol inked background. Artist Holly Willner.




acrylic fish w watermark  Step 2

Overlaid Baby Beta fishie on a background. Background was made with homemade alcohol inks, on a porous paper, (*pre YUPO) with just a touch of glitter, so didnt quite achieve the watery effect I was going for. He sat for awhile, then when I got my hands on richly pigmented, Ranger /Adirondack alcohol inks, and started having some success with acetate overlays, I decided he needed another upgrade.

Step 3  I used my 3 blues, aqua based alcohol inks to drip, and blow out a loose , watery a clear sheet of acetate  (*Earth friendly verison, use an old report cover).  Pretty happy with  richer color, and more watery effects, but I still want to go back and erase or lift the blue on the overlay on the area were the Baby Beta lives so his bright colors will shine through better. The beauty of alcohol inks on slick surfaces, you can always go back and change it, or clean up with just a bit of alcohol. I might also touch up the coral, with acrylic paints to be more opaque.

Moral of the story, get started using what you have, look for shapes, containers, and possibilities all around you. You never know what kind of DIY upcycle surprises you’ll  create by cutting up an old soda bottle or painting over an old tile.

3 layers. ALl using alcohol inks, some homemade on materials we had on hand.

MORE DIY upcycle surprises coming soon.