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hi  — Thanks for your visit and interest in PnP (and me) I am the founder of Petals and Prisms and Inkingly Yours, Holly Winn Willner. Born from creative roots, I had always shown aptitude as both a writer and an artist/photographer, like my mother and father, respectively. Both were also teachers of their craft.  So as luck and DNA would have it, I got a bit of both talents and interest in sharing, helping teaching as well.

I spent many years deeply involved in professional crafting while putting my computer career on hold to be home with my children.  Fostering a real love and talent for creative thinking, presentation and clever combinations. I’ve enjoyed a part time crafting career and it continued to grow as I was entrusted to teach classes in painting, jewelry-making, and creativity. I’d also become a demonstrator at expos and tester of products for major craft suppliers and manufacturers.

She also created a successful line of children´s custom furnishings, and a small, cute clothing line spawned from her desire to dress up her doll of a daughter, and adorable son typical of most proud moms.  As the creations and ideas became prolific, it was abundantly clear that my best and highest use was not in my degreed field, as computer programmer! But when I found myself a single mother, I also found that crafting didn’t pay the bills in pricey Orange County, so my life path took me back to school to combine the computer degree with her love of art in the field of graphic design, which I’ve done for many years and still employ and upgrade those skills regularly.

Touted by friends and clients as being a walking resource guide, I am always learning AND teaching with an upbeat, creative spirit and boundless supply of ideas, inventions and marketing innovations.

The decision to create Petals and Prisms, as one of several crafty and other niche sites, came about when she spent more time photographing, traveling and discovering the beauty of a few different mediums that might showcase her photos and create an income avenue as well.
I love photographing this awe-inspiring world of ours, capturing and cropping details and angles others might just miss. But a good eye and training is lost in all who now own a camera snapping sunset upon selfie.
The opportunity to travel and live in Peru did not initially set well. With the promise of creative free time, and freedom from bills, chores and stress of life a the that time… it looked pretty appealing.

Peru’s people were kind, its food fabulous, and the Andes mountains beyond exquisite! It is a country of grand history and undeniable mystery. Most sights were better than sounds, yet both ran the gamut from beaut & intriguing to dismal & disconcerting. Look for more on the details of ‘My Life in Lima’ later… but in this regard, it was time to explore and opportunity to get back to creative roots, and in this setting, a mandate to be truly creative with materials, limited budget, access to supplies, training, etc. Hence many of my crazy creations like egg carton earrings, marbling with nail polish, soda bottle containers and DIY alcohol inks.

Fast forward …I’ve returned from Peru… in great part for my family, and in a very different scenario than planned, but also returned to an empty bank account. Getting back on my feet, mid 50s, and post recession, has been challenging to say the least. Grateful for help from family and a few friends…for assistance, encouragement and opportunity.

I’m now ecstatically teaching (often sold out) workshops in alcohol inks in Orange County. In-home, at galleries and restaurants and for meetup groups and client appreciation events. I have come quite a way from the early inkings, and have painted hundreds of small paintings and pendants, beyond my first 25 in “#floweraday ” for my ailing brother. Yes, 2106 was a year of great loss personally and politically.
Most of my art has not been publicly promoted for sale, beyond Facebook and a few items on Fine Art America. but I’m getting there inch by inch. Class by class. referral by referral… beyond grateful to be able to share my artist’s heart in a way that makes people happy. And as many artists dream of… I hope to one day support myself solely doing what I love… creating.

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