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Winn Wellness Series

Day 5, 6 of a flower a day

26 Apr , 2016,
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Winn Wellness Series

Day 5 contribution to my brother Bruce… committed to #paintingandprayer sending a flower a a day (#afloweraday) til he’s home to stay! ¬†Thanks for your support. see more on our initial post and previous¬†“days”. ¬† Please see our shop for a cause ¬†page for purchase and donation options, as well as required legal disclosures.

2×9″ on Yupo paper. HWillner “Pams Perfect Garden”. In dedication to my dear sister in law, ¬†who’s tirelessly cared for my brother through the¬†many years, hundreds of Drs appts, dozens of hospital stays, home¬†care and beyond.

orig (N/A) digital copies, and complementing  triptychs available.  pls inquire or visit our shop for a cause page.  Where you will find a variety of ways to apply the digital art form mugs to mouse pads, totes to t-shirts or simply on canvas All digital art is sent promptly via email, w/o watermark, personal usage rights only.  *Also see Canvas on Demand (official affiliate ad) on side column.  

Thanks for your support. Donations, purchases and any affiliate earnings help with the wellness fight and family flights, as well as continued art therapy.


Day 6¬†– “Wild Roses” 2×9″ alcohol ink. ¬†Ask about matching triptychs. orig and hi res digital copies available. ¬†HWillner 2016

Day 6 Wild Roses alcohol inks 2x9 HWillner 2016

dark daisy aka Dark Daysey - never give up

DARK DAYSey – Never Give Up

22 Apr , 2016,
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(re) Titled “DARK DAYSey – Never Give Up”

Day 3 ‪#‎afloweraday‬ ‪#‎paintingandprayer‬ 3rd in what I hope to be short series until my brother Bruce is out of the hospital.

I was trying a new (reuse) surface, which absorbs more then the YUPO, but still gives freedom flow .. while my original plan was thwarted by the Alc Ink’s own will, and I was very discouraged.. it got muddy and turned into a large¬†dark blob, but I didn’t give up as I am learning in Alcohol¬†Ink¬†painting, mistakes can be undone and challenges overcome with determination and new vision. ¬†As I, and my family manage grief, pain and fear, my colors and mood are not so cheery.. but end result was worthy. ¬†After much reworking and layering this little ugly duckling rose to the occasion, and came out quite nice, I think. ¬†It carries a simple message that even in dark days we cannot give up. We have not given up, can not¬†and will not, even though the Drs have more than once, only to be surprised at his renewed strength,¬†aided by natural supplements I recommended, ¬†juicing and love¬†of¬†his his sweet wife and immuno therapy.¬†Bruce has overcome all odds before and we must all believe he will again. Prayers, shares and support appreciated for¬†Bruce Winn.¬†

Should you see any in the series you like please and want to buy the originals, let me know. The first 3 alcohol ink paintings are now available for sale in digital format to help support the family on both continents. Please visit our temporary shop for a cause page.  

More items for sale will soon be offered for fundraising, unique eclectic bracelets, one of kind UPcycled pendants, AI¬†painted pendants adorned with real Peruvian silver¬†and more art… always more art. ¬†Thank¬†for¬†your support, and¬†return¬†visits and shares as we build out the site.

UPDATE >¬†We have approximately 25 images in the Winn Wellness Series now, most of them still¬†for sale.¬†Will¬†post a gallery as soon as I catch my breath. I was able to get home to spend time with the¬†family during my brother last days. Grateful for those who helped get me home¬†and help with lodging,food¬†and gas¬†via¬†with¬†purchases and donations.¬†¬†Thanks¬†for your continued support of my art and¬†creative writing… I know it would make him proud.¬†¬†