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Holly Willner

Alcohol Ink workshops by Holly Willner

2 Jul , 2017,
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Inkingly YOurs alcohol ink art workshops in orange county
Alcohol Ink workshops by Holly Willner


Just a few students after Alcohol Ink workshops offered by Alcohol Ink artist, Holly Willner.

Alcohol ink beginner Students come away with 2-3 finished works on specialty papers, and art tiles, either glass or ceramic. they are introduced to the highly dynamic nature and magical moodiness of this sophomore art medium alcohol inks.   A relative baby in the  fine arts world, alcohol inks grew up out of the rubber stamping industry.  A bit like water color in translucency, but with a more permanent adhesion on slick surfaces like tile, glass, or glossy papers, acrylic and plastics.

Holly provides in-home party -style instruction at your home or hers,in Orange County , California.  Holly’s background is varied , but she’s has accumulated experience in a variety of mediums in art and craft.  Shes an accomplished acrylics artist focused on children’s and landscape, shes spent over 10 years as a professional crafter, creator of one -of-a-kind collage jewelry, furnishings, upcycled goods, artwear clothing, and angelic  floral & calligraphic creations.   She also spent some years in stamping/papercrafting industry as a designer, photo stylist and marketing director for a manufacturer/publisher Stampington & Co.  She worked part time in her own  craft manufacturing business while at home with young children and provided eemo services and sampling services to tradeshow vendors and manufacturers.  Her recent travels to peru, allowed her time to rekindle her love of art and discover alcohol inks… it was love at first sight.

When teaching her “Inkingly Yours” Alcohol Ink workshops she is often accompanied by fellow artisan, instructor and handyman, Bob Fletcher, the bit more animated half of the highly creative duo, also known as the GYPSY and The JESTER.

Learn more about Orange County Alcohol Ink workshops with Holly Winn Willner.  or call 888 626 2WIN .


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