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Beyond the Blues by Holly WIllner 2016

Been a while …new abstract alcohol ink art from Holly

1 Jul , 2017,
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Beyond the Blues by Holly WIllner 2016

Beyond the Blues by Holly Willner 2016

“Beyond the Blues” commissioned alcohol ink art by Holly W Willner,  2016.

Prints of this vibrant, abstract alcohol ink art – and fan-favorite – are now hanging in at least 2 bathrooms, and gracing several pillows!  I’m pleased to have one calming me and making me happy simultaneously from the corner of on my workbench as well.   I’m way s behind sharing my art, in part because I’m juggling plenty these days and doing alcohol ink art workshops.  The workshops/classes have been well received and folks are having lots of fun… many of whom are new willing victims addicted of kooky, wild unruly medium.  I am continuing to paint/ink with my new beau … happily back in my beloved Orange County, in sunny So Cal…. and yes, also grateful to be far BEYOND the BLUES.



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