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Once a creative always a creative. whether it’s handcrafting, painting, designing on a computer, photography or photo styling, we’ve found that composition, color and creativity often cross over. As long as there is artful expression, beautiful colors or glitter involved P and P probably has it covered.


In addition to offering creative instructional content and our own works of art, we seek out and share the loveliest handcrafted items in the world. Also find our favorite creative tools and resources to create your own world of beauty.


There are many variations of creativity, we want to be your inspiration to do things brilliantly, whatever those things are… We are here to support you! Be sure to let freedom ring and your heart sing!

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more blogs and resources coming soon! Look for - wire wrapped jewelry and decor - resin jewelry, projects - alcohol ink painting - papercrafting and scrapbooking tips, resources - paper beadmaking - charitable endeavors - foam crafting for big girls - outlets for boundless creativity - finding your passion - earn through crafting - resources for un-DIYers


Reversible “fire and Ice” pendant.

Many of our mini masterpiece pendants and earrings are interchangeable or reversible. Thereby making their value and fun factor even greater! Buy this reversible pendant now for just 18 or join us for class and make your own.   Inkingly Yours Workshops and Alcohol inks classes are held at a variety of locations throughout mid-south Orange County, CA. […]

5 Dec, 2017 PandP
Holly Willner

Alcohol Ink workshops by Holly Willner

Alcohol Ink workshops by Holly Willner   Just a few students after Alcohol Ink workshops offered by Alcohol Ink artist, Holly Willner. Alcohol ink beginner Students come away with 2-3 finished works on specialty papers, and art tiles, either glass or ceramic. they are introduced to the highly dynamic nature and magical moodiness of this sophomore art […]

2 Jul, 2017 PandP
Beyond the Blues by Holly WIllner 2016

Been a while …new abstract alcohol ink art from Holly

“Beyond the Blues” commissioned alcohol ink art by Holly W Willner,  2016. Prints of this vibrant, abstract alcohol ink art – and fan-favorite – are now hanging in at least 2 bathrooms, and gracing several pillows!  I’m pleased to have one calming me and making me happy simultaneously from the corner of on my workbench as well.   I’m way s behind […]

1 Jul, 2017 PandP
Lisa M Grogan Snowcap

Using Ranger Snow Cap with Alcohol Inks

Since I started painting with alcohol inks, following Facebook groups on painting with alcohol inks and using Ranger Snow Cap,  I’ve seen some remarkable artwork! Just when I think I am getting the hang of this wild and wonderful medium, I see such superior works that I just want to give up, but ultimately make me realize I’ve simply got a lot of learning and […]

24 Jun, 2016 PandP
alcohol ink flower pendants, abstract art, and wearable cabachons

Day 16, 21 Handpainted Alcohol ink Flower Pendants

Okay, we are combining #16, 21 since they re similar in function, design. These are both handpainted alcohol ink pendants, made while I was deep into my #afloweraday campaign for my Winns Wellness Mission, for my (since passed on) brother. Please read earlier posts for the whole story. # 16 lilac pendant on acrylic. small wire ready for jump ring sandwiched between […]

28 May, 2016 PandP
day11 flowers purple rose, purple rose

#11 A flower a day

#1 1 of A Flower a Day, Winns Wellness Mission We are behind on posting and sharing the 25 floral-focused images painted to cheer and offer tribute to my brother in what turned out to be his last days. Once I was able to return to the US to be with family, thing got a bit crazy, with […]

27 May, 2016 PandP
Winn Wellness Series

Day 5, 6 of a flower a day

🎕 Day 5 contribution to my brother Bruce… committed to #paintingandprayer sending a flower a a day (#afloweraday) til he’s home to stay!  Thanks for your support. see more on our initial post and previous “days”.   Please see our shop for a cause  page for purchase and donation options, as well as required legal disclosures. […]

26 Apr, 2016 PandP
day 4 WINNS WELLNESS camapgin. @af;ower a day til youre home to stay. Alcohol ink art by Holly Willner

Belief is imagination set free in the winds

My Day 4 submission for Winns Wellness mission ‪#‎afloweraday‬ for my brother Bruce. I cant decide if these are exotic irises, orchids or daffodils… maybe I need not decide.. that is after all the beauty of art, of impressionistic style painting.  It need not be perfect, we must use our imagination to see what we want […]

23 Apr, 2016 PandP
dark daisy aka Dark Daysey - never give up

DARK DAYSey – Never Give Up

(re) Titled “DARK DAYSey – Never Give Up” Day 3 ‪#‎afloweraday‬ ‪#‎paintingandprayer‬ 3rd in what I hope to be short series until my brother Bruce is out of the hospital. I was trying a new (reuse) surface, which absorbs more then the YUPO, but still gives freedom flow .. while my original plan was thwarted by the […]

22 Apr, 2016 PandP
Day1 "Wellness Whimsy". a flower a day until the cancer goes away.

A Flower a Day – Life Saving Mission

“Day One Wellness Whimsy” for Bruce I’M ON A MISSION and you can help. My brother has been fighting for many months, and now again with all his might, to overcome the many issues left behind from being over-radiated in his cancer treatment.  He has been in the hospital as many months on as and off […]

20 Apr, 2016 PandP
petalandprisms slider3 beads and scrapping

Introducing Petals and Prisms

Introducing Petals and Prisms, the ideal site for for all things creative, and feminine.  Our collection is focused in both organic and oppositely otherwise, born out of a love for leafy things and flowers and organic materials,  conversely we love all that glitters, including jewelry, wearables and decor. Here you will find art inspirations, craft projects and patterns, creative resources, handmade gifts and art apparel ready for purchase.  We […]

5 Mar, 2016 PandP